What is the Bikepacking

Simply put, bikepacking is the synthesis of mountain biking and minimalist camping; it evokes the freedom of multi-day backcountry hiking, with the range and thrill of riding a mountain bike. It’s about forging places less travelled, both near and afar, via singletrack trails, gravel, and abandoned dirt roads, carrying only essential gear. Ride, eat, sleep, repeat, enjoy! (thanks to bikepacking.com)

I think you can also define bikepacking like the evolution of Cicloturismo. You need a bike, better if is a mtb or a gravel bike, because the trails are a mix of gravel and offroad. You need a bikepacking bags (like the photo). You need a trail to follow, an idea, a dream !

Is not how many km you ride for day, but the idea to start for a dream travel...that can go on for 1 day or for the life !


How to do...

I think there is not a real "magic potion", because there are different genres of bikepacking approach. 
1)Ultralight Race: the trail is on a gravel surface or light offroad, you can use gravel bike with 42mm wide tires or a front mtb. You need rolling speed and your focus is speed and light bags. Probably you'll sleep in a bivibag, you will not change your clothes and only you need is a goretex jacket and food !
2)Multiday Mountain Trail, the trail is on real mountain offroad surface. You can choose a Mtb front or full suspension, in some occasions you can use also bike with 3' wide tires. Probably you'll take with you different kind of clothes, tends, and some camping kit.
3)Expedition: probably the main essence of bikepacking, the dream trail....for this reason the equipment It's very difficult to define.


How is Italy Divide trail ?

The Italy Divide follows fast rolling gravel roads (Francigena/Eurovelo7) with quite technical mtb trails (Via degli Dei/Lessinia/Monte Baldo) in between to explore the wild and remote parts of Italy with a plenty mix of history along the trail. 

You will cross Naples, Reggia di Caserta, Rome, Strade Bianche in Tuscany, Siena, Florence, Bologna, Mantova, Verona. Take your time for enjoy the most beautiful country in the world, eat the best food and wine.

1) Best bike ride ? I think a mix between gravel and front mtb, with fast rolling tires. At least 2 bottle cages, and a goretex jacket for the Alps. Camping kitchen kit ?....nooooo  wherever you can find a good place to eat ;)) Up to you the bivibag or tends, however you can find nice accomodation in B&B

2) How much time to finish it ?

Depend from 4 to 7 days, please note is a real unsupported adventure...enjoy it

3) SPOT Trackers is mandatory for your safety, only during the Via degli Dei there are a real wild places, otherwise during all the route is possible find some civilized places.

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