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Is more than 30 years that ride a mountain bike, I saw and lived all the developments. From the first suspension fork to the first disk brake, from XC race to Marathon and always someone told me.....we don't need this ! Like ten years ago I leaved bike race to approach the randonee world and bikepacking trail.
I rediscover the old "mood" of the first mountain bike years, a mix of adventure, unknow, and "scrape through art ".
Probably bikepacking is the essence of "bike child dreamer".....take your bike and ride away without a goals and rules, is the healthiest way to get away from stress and life problems.
Time ago, I started thinking about a bikepacking route through the Italy, something like Tour Divide, but adding the Italian's beauty, four years ago was born the first edition of Italy Divide, an amazing trail that cross the Italy from Naples to Torbole (Garda Lake).
Sometime dreams come true, I hope to share mine with you !


                                                                                         Event Director and Founder

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