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Italy Divide is the most amazing bikepacking event in the world. It follows fast rolling gravelroads, Francigena/Eurovelo7 with quite technical mtb trails in between to explore the wild and remote parts of Italy with a plenty mix of history along the trail. 

You will cross 8 different Regions starting from Naples, crossing Gran Sasso area, Rome, Strade Bianche in Tuscany, Siena, Florence, Bologna, Mantova, Verona. Take your time to enjoying the most beautiful country in the world, eat the best food and wine, ride the best adventure of your life. ​

1250km   23000D+

Pure Adventure

foto Italy Divide coast to coast

Have you ever cross Italy from Tirreno Sea to Adriatico Sea ? A unique experience to cross the country from west to east, through wild landscapes to discover the truest Italy. Immersed in unspoiled nature and surrounded by history

Your bikepacking event to wrap up the season !

550 km   8500D+

Pure Adventure


Ambassador & Friends

Jay Petervary bikepackers

Jay Petervary

Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Sofhiane Sehili

Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Mattia de Marchi

Ultra Endurance Cyclist

James Hayden

Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Josh Ibbett

Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Nico Valsesia

Ultra Endurance

Steven Le Hyrac

Steven Le Hyaric

Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Rebecca Rush

Queen of Pain

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Stephan Stransky

Stephan Stransky



Jochen Bohringer



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