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To register for the Italy Divide 2017 Trailrunning

 ckick here in the

Then send an email to:

As Subject: Enter up Registration for Italy Divide 2017 Trailrunning  - Name and Surname


Attach to email:

Regulations compiled signed and scanned. Download to bottom (I tried to translate everything possible, is a releaseof liability with Italian laws)

Proof of payment with bank transfert

A copy of the medical certificate to practice running valid for 2017

Scan of his own Trailrunning Federation Membership Card valid for the year 2017 (please for who doesn't understand please contact Us, is possible make this card with Us at cost of 10€)

To ensure the registration you have to send a copy of the payment and regulation compiled and signed, while the medical certificate and the membership card must be submitted by April 10, 2017, to complete registration

Registration Cost:

Untill 31° december 2016 Euro 100,00

From 1° jannuary 2017 Euro 120,00

After 1° april 2017 Euro 150,00

SPOT GPS is required, if you need it we can rent it  (please send a mail)

Method of payment:

Bank Transfert


IBAN IT 80Z0862312805000220143102


Cause: Registration to Italy Divide 2017 - Name - Surname - email

The registration fee includes:

GPS track of the route (sent by mail by April 15, 2017)

Recovery bag service from Rome to Torbole (max 30L)

Recovery bag service to the 7 check point/base vita (7 pcs X max 10L each)

T-shirt of survivor

Package containing the facilities / products form the sponsors

All members will be entitled to a discount of 25% on products Rusjan Bag and 15% on Lupine light

Pack supplements offered by Powerbar

List of checkpoint with relevant conventions

Entering the Hall of Fame

The organization reserves the right to change the package / benefits, as we are defining with many new sponsors 


Anything not mentioned "in the registration includes" is borne by the participants

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